Getting Started

Using Maven

TrueZIP is a multi-module project which is built by Apache Maven, so all its artifacts are hosted on Maven Central. If you are using Maven too, then you you can generate, build and run your first TrueZIP application for the two client APIs TrueZIP File* or TrueZIP Path in about ten minutes by following these guides:

  1. Kick-Starting TrueZIP Applications With Eclipse.
  2. Kick-Starting TrueZIP Applications With NetBeans.
  3. Kick-Starting TrueZIP Applications With a Shell.

These guides were written with the archetype for the TrueZIP File* API in mind. However, they work the same way with the archetype for the TrueZIP Path API - just pick the Maven archetype coordinates for your preferred client API from the following table:

Client API Requires Archetype Group Id Archetype Artifact Id Archetype Version
TrueZIP File* JSE 6 de.schlichtherle.truezip truezip-archetype-file 7.7.10
TrueZIP Path JSE 7 de.schlichtherle.truezip truezip-archetype-path 7.7.10

Manual Download

If you do not want to use Maven then you can easily download the TrueZIP artifacts from Maven Central when following this guide: Using TrueZIP Without Maven.

If you are looking for more sample code and applications, then please check out or download the source code of the TrueZIP Samples module.

Tutorial (new)

A short tutorial is available for the TrueZIP File* API. It does not require you to use Maven, but it assumes you have already setup an application skeleton.