About TrueZIP Kernel

This module implements virtual file systems (VFS) from arbitrary resources, manages their state and commits unsynchronized changes if required or requested. The TrueZIP Kernel uses file system drivers to access these resources. It provides federating, multithreading, multiplexing, caching and accounting so that archive file system drivers do not need to take care of these aspects of a virtual file system.


The TrueZIP Kernel is still a field of research, i.e. there may be backwards incompatible changes to its API in order to improve it. Therefore, an application developer should never use the API of the module TrueZIP Kernel directly, but instead use the API of the client modules TrueZIP File* or TrueZIP Path (introduced in TrueZIP 7.2). The API of these modules provide all of the functionality of the TrueZIP Kernel and more with ease and comfort.